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Curriculum & Activities

The School Counseling Department is here to assist students and families in many different ways throughout the school year.

  • Teach classroom lessons in the areas of career development, personal/social development, and academic development.
  • Facilitate individual and small group counseling.
  • Collaborate with outside agencies to provide resources for parents and students.
  • Transitional planning and exploration to begin the preparation for students to move to high school and beyond.
  • Conflict Resolution and Restorative Practice.

Small Groups

Early adolescence is a time of challenges for both children and their parents. Despite their maturing appearance and “know it all” attitude, many students in the middle grades need direction. Early adolescent children have a desire to strive for independence and a need to feel a continued connection to the trusted adults in their lives. This can cause inner turmoil and confusing feelings. The Counseling team at RMS understands the added layer of support needed to help students navigate through the early adolescent years. We are committed to helping students learn how to self-reflect and develop their strengths. To meet the needs of our diverse student population we are offering a variety of small groups that focus on communication/social skills, responsibility, self-advocacy, conflict resolution, time management, organization, living with grief, and healthy relationships. Small groups will be led by a member of the counseling team, social worker, or partnering agency. If you or your child is interested in learning about the small groups being offered, please contact your grade-level counselor.